Welcome to tricia, Tokyo's premiere nail studio and salon. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and promise a world class experience of luxury and relaxation in a warm, clean, and welcoming environment. Our friendly staff of experienced and award winning professionals are dedicated to providing the best possible care to make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.



Hand gel(per nail)

Clear ¥648

Color ¥918 ~

Gel Removal ¥216 ~

Hand polish(set)

Color ¥4,620(cut・file・cuticle・spa・polish)

Polishing Removal ¥540

Hand care(set)

Hand care ¥3,240(cut・file・cuticle・spa)

Acrylic(per nail)

Clear ¥1,500

French ¥2,100

Acrylic Removal ¥500

Foot Gel(set)

Color ¥14,580 ~(cut・file・cuticle removal・spa・gel)

Foot Gel Removal ¥216

Foot care(set)

Foot care ¥5,400(cut・file・cuticle removal・spa)

Foot Polish(set)

Color ¥7,020(cut・file・cuticle removal・spa・polish)

Polishing Removal ¥540


Art ¥100 ~(per nail)

Gradation +¥2,160 ~(set)

French +¥3,240 ~(set)


tricia Omotesando

tricia Omotesando

Address : Kita Aoyama 3-8-4

Opening hours : MON-FRI / 12:30-22:00
SAT-SUN & HOLIDAY / 11:00-19:00

TEL : (03) 3797-6120

- Exit B4 from Omotesando station, turn 180 degrees and walk straight
- Turn left at Gucci and walk along the right hand side of the building
- Abbey hair salon will be in front of you and tricia is in the building to the right of it, #104

tricia Ginza

tricia Ginza

Address : Ginza 6-8-19

Opening hours : MON-FRI / 12:30-22:00
SAT-SUN & HOLIDAY / 11:00-19:00

TEL : (03) 6228-5710

- Exit A2 fron Ginza station, walk straight and turn right at Citibank
- Continue walking until you see Theory on the left corner and turn left
- tricia is behind Theory in the same building, 3F


Omotesando (03) 3797-6120
Ginza (03) 6228-5710

*please make your reservation with your hotel concierge